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Ester, plasticizer obtained by the reaction of phthalic anhydrite with 2-ethyl hexanol.

Used as a softener in all PVC paste and pulp mixtures. Used in PVC shoe and slipper base production, synthetic leather, PVC granule production, production of membranes and water holder bands, paint and varnish sectors, floor covering and door mat production, PVC höse production and widely used in calendaring systems.


  • It gives the most economic result compared to other plastifiers.
  • It does not cause any changes in the chemical structure of the polymer.
  • It provides required changes in physical and mechanical properties.
  • It jellifies easily and quickly all polymeric substances in general.
  • It eliminates cracks in lacquer applications, increases resistance and
    provides a smooth surface.
  • It provides obtaining a product with required elasticity.
  • It provides electrical resistance.
  • It can be dissolved in common organic solvents.


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